How to Handle a Phone Interview


So you’ve just been invited to a phone interview? Bravo! Do not, however, be concerned if the prospect of making an impression from afar makes you nervous. We’ve got you covered! Learn how to sound confident over the phone, how to persuade the recruiter with your answers, how to handle difficult questions, and a list […]

How to Prepare for a Walk-In Interview?


How to prepare for a walk-in interview? A walk-in interview, as the name implies, allows a candidate to simply walk into the interview location without making any prior arrangements. Companies typically conduct walk-in interviews on predetermined dates and timeslots to screen candidates. Shortlisted candidates are then contacted for further consideration. This blog has covered 11 […]

Top questions to ask in an interview and what avoid to ask


In the present high speed work market, an up-and-comer must sort out whether or not an organization is a solid match. Asking savvy questions to the interviewer is the way to assess reasonableness to an organization and makes you seem to be a curious and motivated candidate. Questions to pose to in an interview ought […]