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We at last have our most memorable glance at iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, the most recent software updates for the iPhone and iPad. There are a few unrests here, similar to a completely redone Lock Screen on the iPhone, and macOS window management on iPad, related to more modest, helpful changes, similar to the capacity to edit and undo messages. Here is our list of the best new iOS and iPadOS highlights, both of all shapes and sizes.

Apple declared iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 on Monday, June 6, however it isn’t accessible to the overall population yet. The authority update will probably drop at some point this fall. In the event that you’re an Apple developer (or on the other hand assuming you sign up for the Apple developer program), you can evaluate the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 betas at this moment. You can likewise trust that the public betas will drop one month from now (that is, obviously, expecting you have a gadget viable with the new updates).

Since the iPad is still, in numerous ways, a larger than usual iPhone, a considerable lot of these highlights are shared across the two iOS and iPadOS. I’ll stamp includes that just apply to one specific stage.

New Lock Screen (iOS 16)

The greatest change you’ll see on your iPhone, in my view, is the new adaptable Lock Screen. You’re presently ready to change the color and font style of your Lock Screen, to match both your own style and the style of the wallpaper you pick. Discussing wallpaper, there’s another wallpaper gallery, which offers lots of wallpaper choices, in addition to customization choices. The profundity impact with photos isolates the text on the Lock Screen from your wallpaper, while “Photo Shuffle” rearranges photos over the course of the day. There are preset choices, for example, the Weather wallpaper, which sports live weather patterns on the Lock Screen, as well as the Astronomy assortment, which incorporates animated space themes.

My favorite change here is the expansion of widgets and entanglements. The widgets Apple presented with iOS 14 are accessible on your Lock Screen, as are Apple Watch-like confusions: These resemble little gadgets, giving you valuable data about your most loved applications and measurements without occupying a lot of space. The Now Playing gadget can now take up the entire Lock Screen, too.

Customizing Lock Screen is simple: Just press and hang on the screen to send off the customizer. You’ll likewise find the widget gallery, which allows you to look over such choices as schedule, temperature, action, battery, and more.

IOS 16 incorporates another protection instrument: Safety Check, which Apple said is intended for clients “whose individual security is in danger from homegrown or cozy accomplice savagery” and can right away handicap data sharing admittance to explicit clients.

Security Check incorporates an “crisis reset” order that allows clients promptly to sign out of iCloud on the entirety of their different gadgets, as well as reset protection consents and limit informing to only the gadget in their actual belonging. As well as giving new apparatuses to individuals in up and coming peril, Safety Check additionally is intended to allow clients to oversee which individuals and applications they’ve given admittance to.

Notifications (iOS 16)

Another enormous change accompanies Notifications: They’re at lower part of the Lock Screen now! This change simplifies notices to make due, as well as more straightforward to interface with while utilizing bigger iPhones with one hand. You can likewise rapidly conceal all warnings in a limited text field at the lower part of the presentation.

One of my favorite new iOS 16 highlights is Live Activities: Instead of getting a lot of constant notices from the equivalent application, you can now see updates in a widget. For instance, rather than getting live updates from a sporting event, you can see live updates in a widget, including scores and time slipped by.


In the wake of customizing every one of those new Lock Screens, you don’t have to physically switch between them. Lock Screens can now be attached to explicit Focuses on iPhone, so your wallpapers and widgets can change likewise. For instance, when in a work Focus, you can have a particular Lock Screen zeroed in on work widgets and notifications, as well as professional wallpaper; while changing to your own focus, maybe the wallpaper changes to something entertaining, or to an individual photo, with widgets of the individual applications you care about.

There’s additionally Focus Filters for iPhone and iPad. With these channels, certain application information naturally stows away to keep things, erm, focused. During your work Focus, Safari tabs just show business related tabs — same with Messages, Mail, and Calendar.

CarPlay (iOS 16)

The CarPlay update today might’ve been one of the coolest software declarations Apple has made. Furthermore, we will not have the option to see it in real life for quite a while. Bummer.

Here’s the way things are looking: Apple is working with automakers to plan what they call the “next generation” of CarPlay. What that appears to mean is screens. Bunches of screens. Automakers are putting screens all around the cabin of their vehicles, including behind the wheels, that thoroughly change when CarPlay is active. Of course, the principal data screen will show your typical CarPlay data, however different screens house vehicle explicit data: Behind your wheel, you can customize your speedometer, tachometer, overlay map information, and mileage, as well as iOS widgets like Calendar, Weather, Clock, Home, and that’s just the beginning. By customize, I mean customize, giving these information focuses any style you need. You’ll try and have the option to control your vehicle with CarPlay, for example, temperature controls or tuning the radio.

Clearly, the “next generation” of CarPlay should be incorporated into every vehicle it’s made for, so you will not have the option to utilize most (or any) of these elements on your ongoing CarPlay arrangement. Apple says the principal declarations regarding vehicles with these highlights worked in will be arriving behind schedule one year from now, thus, while this is in fact an iOS 16 component, it’s somewhat of a bother.


At last. You can now edit and undo messages on your iPhone and iPad. This element is one we’ve seen in many chat applications previously, yet hello, slow on the uptake, but still good enough. Furthermore, you can check messages as unread, so you don’t need to stress over neglecting to answer a message subsequent to opening it.


At the point when you open a FaceTime call with this new update, you can now see all the accessible SharePlay applications, so you know every one of the choices you have close by to impart to loved ones. SharePlay is additionally now accessible in Messages, so you needn’t bother with to be on a video bring to do things like watch motion pictures together.

You’ll likewise have the option to mess around with companions through Game Center with SharePlay not long from now.


At the point when you at present use Dictation to type with your voice, the keyboard vanishes. With iOS and iPadOS 16, be that as it may, you can utilize Dictation while additionally approaching the keyboard. That allows you to make fast edits or type things Dictation experiences difficulty with, without leaving Dictation mode. You can likewise choose text and supplant it with your voice. Correspondence even adds punctuation naturally to long messages.

Live Text

Live Text is an extraordinary feature that allows you to choose text from photos. Presently, you can pause videos to choose message from individual frames. There’s presently a camera view in the Translate application, too, which allows you to choose and translate message in reality without leaving the application.

There’s likewise another feature that allows you to touch and hold a subject in a picture to cut and duplicate it immediately. Truly. Tap and hang on a photo of your canine, and your device will remove it of the photo and let you drop it in another application. Apple showed this feature off so nonchalantly, however it will be viral on TikTok when iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 send off in the fall.


Apple’s digital ID, which works with two states with more coming, will before long work with iOS applications, also. Think an application like Drizzly, which could request to check your age with an ID. With this component, you don’t need to show anybody your driver’s permit — simply filter Face ID to let the application affirm you’re old enough.

iOS 16 will likewise grow advanced key partaking in informing applications like Mail and WhatsApp, making it more straightforward to allow confided in contacts to acquire passage to your vehicle or house entryway.

Apple is additionally presenting Apple Pay Later for iPhone and iPad, what split costs into four equivalent installments north of about a month and a half, with practically no interest or expenses. This element is accessible wherever Apple Pay is, permitting you to divide installments on pretty much anything. You’ll likewise find request following and point by point receipt data in the new Wallet update.


Apple’s redesigned map is coming to 11 new nations (it’s now accessible in the U.S.). Be that as it may, the organization is adding Las Vegas in addition to six new urban communities to its new “map view,” which offers a definite 3D perspective on a city in the style of Apple Maps.

What may be more helpful, nonetheless, is multi-quit steering, which allows you to design up to 15 stops ahead of time. You could design these stops on your iPad or Mac, then, at that point, send the bearings to your iPhone. You can likewise request that Siri add new stops to your course while driving.

For travel riders, you’ll have the option to see charges, add travel cards, and reload cards from the application (when accessible, obviously).


Apple additionally made chance to declare an update to Sports in Apple News. It’s classified “My Sports,” and it highlights scores, timetables, standings, and features from your #1 teams and games. This data is adjusted across gadgets, so you’ll find it in the News application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Apple maintains that you and your family should approach all of the photos all of you need to see: For instance, at family occasions, you likely have some photos you took on your iPhone, while other relatives have other photos. All of you need to see these photos, yet except if you’re extremely organized, you’re probably passing up a few incredible shots.

Apple’s answer is iCloud Shared Photo Library. This new component is a canny common photographs library that allows you to interface with up to five others. You can decide to share everything in your photo library, or pick what to incorporate in view of start date, or even specific individuals. You can physically move photos to the library, or pick “Shared Library” from a setting in your camera to add new shots consequently. You’ll likewise have the choice to add photos by means of area: If you’re spending time with relatives, your iPhone will be aware, and will add your photos and videos to the shared library.

There are some other fun Photos updates, too. You can copy edits starting with one photo and glue them then onto the next, and you can lock your Hidden and Recently Deleted collections for expansion protection.


Apple’s about its privacy features, and this year is the same. The organization is presenting Personal Safety, a simple method for removing authorizations from contacts and applications to specific pieces of your iPhone. On the off chance that you want to quit imparting your area to a contact, whether since you just don’t have any desire to, or for wellbeing concerns, this element allows you effectively to break ties. You can likewise reset consents for all applications, so they should demand access for everything from camera use to area data.

The feature additionally allows you to sign out of iCloud on all gadgets, and limits FaceTime calls to the one gadget you need to utilize. It’s your all inclusive resource for your authorizations in general.


During the Home portion, Apple promoted Matter, another shrewd home standard it created determined to make all savvy gadgets function admirably together. Right now, more than 130 items are resolved to help Matter, so ideally this new standard makes making a brilliant home an easier practice.

What’s more, the Home application is pristine, with a plan that ought to be simpler to utilize. Classes at the highest point of the screen show every single important adornment and status data. You’ll find new gadgets on Lock Screen, as well.

Customized Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio permits music and films to seem as though they’re encompassing you. While the impact has been no different for everybody as of recently, with the new update, you can utilize the True Depth camera to make customized Spatial Audio in light of your real-life surroundings.


Mail, similar to Messages, is getting some past due personal satisfaction features, for example, fix send, plan send, and remind me. These elements have been accessible on other mail applications and administrations for quite a while now, at the same time, once more, slow on the uptake, but still good enough.


Apple is presenting shared Safari tabs to its new software updates. You’ll currently have the option to assign a gathering of tabs to impart to other people. Assuming that you decide to team up with those tabs, you’ll have the option to see who is seeing which tab.


Apple went a little light on the subtleties here, at the same time, so, they’re carrying out another form of passwords called Passkeys. Passkeys, in contrast to passwords, can’t be phished or spilled — you additionally don’t have to recall that anything. While setting up a passkey, you can utilize Touch ID or Face ID to confirm yourself, and will do so while signing in from here on out. That is all there is to it. Whenever you’re not on your believed Apple gadget, you can sign into a record through QR code.

Like I expressed, light on the subtleties. It’s not satisfactory precisely the way in which Passkeys work, or the number of records that help this technique yet. Be that as it may, on the off chance that Apple’s promoting is to be accepted, it’s a cool turn of events.

Video calls

How about we talk FaceTime. Apple is presently letting you handoff a FaceTime call to different gadgets. In the event that you get an approach your iPhone, for instance, yet need to proceed with it on your Mac, you can rapidly switch gadgets.

Discussing which, you can now involve your iPhone as your Mac’s webcam, in an element called Continuity Camera. Assuming you have a represent your iPhone that interfaces with the highest point of your Mac, you can naturally involve your iPhone’s camera as the webcam for video approaches your PC. Since it’s utilizing your iPhone’s super wide camera, you’ll have the option to utilize Center Stage, regardless of whether your specific Mac support the element with its own webcam.

There’s likewise something many refer to as “Desk View,” which takes the super wide camera and shows off an elevated perspective of your work area while still likewise zeroing in all over. In the event that this component functions as well as it did in the demo, it very well may be a distinct advantage.


You can now send off a coordinated effort from the offer sheet, which takes it simple to leap into a shared document or Safari tabs. The new cooperation symbol that shows up in-application allows you rapidly to visit or call with partners, too.

Discussing collaboration, Apple prodded another element called Freeform, which is basically a shared digital whiteboard. Live cursors show you where others are working, so you can rapidly leap to their point in the Freeform to collaboration. This gives off an impression of being showing up after iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 formally dispatches.

Speedy Note

Apple is adding Quick Note to iOS. With it, you’ll have the option to rapidly fire up a note that is attached to a particular application on your gadget. The element was already just accessible on iPad and Mac.

Family Sharing

Apple is attempting to make Family Sharing simpler, including a better approach to set age fitting limitations, a speedy arrangement for parental controls, and another choice to arrangement a kid’s new iPhone. You’ll likewise have the option to answer Screen Time demands straightforwardly in Messages, as opposed to hopping into the Settings application.

You’ll likewise find another element called Family Checklist, which gives you tips on further developing Family Sharing. These tips incorporate updating your child’s settings as they grow up, as well as turning on the spot sharing.


Reminders gets a few new features too this year. You can make layouts in the event that you frequently make comparable records; you can stick records; Today and Scheduled are presently arranged by time and date; and you can see all finished updates in Completed List, included what time you finished them.

Rapid Security Response

Apple didn’t feature this component much during the show, yet I believe it’s an extraordinary turn of events. “Rapid Security Response” will permit you to introduce basic security updates that spring up for iPhone, without expecting to hang tight for the following large software update. I cover security weaknesses frequently, so I trust this component gets some utilization whenever a significant endeavor is found between refreshes.

Other fun features

  • The Fitness app is presently accessible to all iPhone users! Certain measurements can be followed without an Apple Watch.
  • Spotlight search is currently on the lower part of your iPhone.
  • You can balance up a call with Siri on iPhone or iPad. (“Hey Siri, hang up.”)
  • Siri can communicate something specific on iPhone or iPad without expecting to affirm it initial (a hazardous bet, if you were to ask me).
  • New emoji customizations, including headwear, noses, hairdos, and sticker choices.

iPadOS 16

We should investigate a portion of the iPadOS explicit changes this year. Right out of the entryway, your iPad currently has an authority Apple Weather application. It might have required 12 years, at the same time, express it with me, slow on the uptake, but still good enough.

However, the pro-features to highlights get everyone’s attention this year. We get a genuine fix and re-try insight across applications, including Files, Photos, and Calendar; we currently have adaptable toolbars for speedy admittance to significant capacities; a predictable pursuit field across applications; multi-select setting menus that let you apply changes to various things immediately; new toolbar buttons; updated setting menus with activities like close, save, and copy; a patched up find-and-supplant now we’re talking is on Mac; duplicate or drag contacts to Mail; drift text; and the capacity to sort contacts into records.

Not all iPads support every single “pro” feature, nonetheless:

M1 just iPads

Mac has fostered a highlights well defined for the M1 iPads, which utilize a similar Apple silicon chip tracked down in the Mac. Assuming you just have to be familiar with one of these highlights, it’s Stage Manager, a similar window management tool Apple developed for macOS Ventura. With it, you can now resize your open application windows, with recently opened windows limiting as sneak peaks to one side of the screen when you want them. The best part is that you can now work with covering windows, which truly causes the iPad to feel more like a PC. At the point when you interface your iPad to an external display, there’s considerably more space, to such an extent you could confuse iPadOS with macOS. Between the two screens, you can have up to eight applications running on screen at a time.

Another cool M1-exclusive is virtual memory trade: iPadOS will involve a portion of your iPad’s stockpiling as virtual memory, growing your RAM to up to 16 GB for the most requesting applications. I remain cautiously optimistic, however it seems like Apple is making way for applications like Final Cut Pro to show up on iPad sooner rather than later, yet we’ve been scorched on this front previously.

You can expand the pixel thickness of your M1 iPad interestingly, which gives you more screen land. This move is ideally suited for split view, so you can see a greater amount of each application immediately. You can likewise utilize your 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s Liquid Retina XDR show as reference tone for video.

Device compatibility with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

With iOS 16, Apple tragically dropped help for a small bunch of more seasoned iPhones without precedent for some time. Not exclusively are the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and SE (original) not viable, nor are the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the event that you have one of these iPhones, it will, tragically, stay on iOS 15. In any case, here is the rundown of iPhones that can refresh:

iPhone 13
iPhone 13 smaller than expected
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone SE (3rd gen)
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone SE (2nd gen)
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus

The list looks more limited on the iPad side, yet simply because Apple can flawlessly sort its tablets by “age:”

iPad Pro (all models)
iPad Air (3rd gen and later)
iPad (5th gen and later)
iPad mini (5th gen and later)

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