Boost Your Confidence by Doing One Thing


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How to boost your confidence by doing one thing?

Admit it: you’re in a rut and lacking motivation or excitement for your job right now.

You convince yourself that your job isn’t all that bad.

You tell yourself that all you have to do is pay your dues to get where you want to go.

When you feel out of control, it’s easy to ignore the problem and focus on football or make fun plans with your friends.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that having constant fun and ignoring your life’s direction doesn’t really bring you joy.

There is a way to get out of a rut and boost your confidence without waiting for things to fall into place by themselves.

The Influence of Progress

According to a Harvard Business Review study, people are not motivated at work by high pressure and fear. People are more productive when they have a positive inner work life.

They perform better when they are happy, intrinsically motivated by their work, and have a positive attitude toward their coworkers and the company.

How do you cultivate a positive inner work life? This brings us to the importance of the Progress Principle.

According to the Harvard Business Review study, people were in a much better mood after taking small steps toward a goal.

Those who had a bad day and were in a bad mood, on the other hand, usually experienced a setback in their goals.

Our brains are hardwired to seek out rewards and quick victories. When we don’t feel like we’re making any progress, it can feel defeating. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling stuck.

Minor Milestone Motivational Strategy

When you think about your goals, you might imagine how good it would feel to achieve a major long-term goal you’ve been wishing for. These big wins are incredible, but they are rare.

The truth is that reaching small milestones that are part of a larger goal can boost your mood. These are small steps that may go unnoticed but are necessary to get closer to the grand prize.

There is only one rule that must be followed for the Progress Principle to be effective in increasing or boosting your confidence and motivation. You must find meaning in the work that you are doing.

For example, if you are a grocery bagger and you increase your rate of bagging groceries, you will still see more groceries to bag.

That’s not very inspiring, is it?

To make this principle work, you must first determine what your meaningful goal will be. The overall goal must be something you are enthusiastic about. Do not be afraid to dream big.

The Influence of Thinking Bigger

Thinking big is difficult for some of you. You have an inner critic who doubts that you will ever achieve anything significant.

The key to setting a large goal is to not be concerned with how you will achieve it. You want to stick to a meaningful and exciting goal.

Assume you want to be a real estate investor. You may not even have a real estate license or any capital to invest right now. That’s fine.

Today, take one step:

  • Purchase a book
  • Investigate the procedure for obtaining your license.
  • Contact a real estate friend.

This does not have to be a huge leap; rather, it should be something small that moves you forward. You feel the power of momentum when you do that one thing every day.

This momentum boosts your confidence because you can now see where you’re going rather than focusing on being stuck in a rut. You are concentrating on development.

What ultimately boosts your confidence is progress toward meaningful goals. It makes no difference whether you are an executive or a recent college graduate. The Progress Principle applies to everyone.

Making it a Reality

Feeling stuck or stagnant in your career can undermine your self-esteem. The key is to remember that your actions can influence how you feel.

Don’t wait for your boss or company to pull you out of this rut. Take action today to determine what big goal motivates you.

Having a goal in mind will make all the difference in your daily confidence and motivation. Don’t let self-doubt prevent you from achieving the confidence you deserve.

Take action today once you’ve determined which big goal is most important to you. Take one step forward and observe how you feel. I guarantee you’ll feel the force of progress.

The true power of the Progress Principle is not in the amount of progress made. You don’t have to make huge strides every day.

Just one small accomplishment. Each and every day.

Over time, when you boost your confidence, you will be amazed at what you have accomplished.


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