6 Reasons to Choose Chemical Engineering


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What are the reasons to choose a chemical engineering major? Chemical engineering is one of the major choices you can take after graduating from high school. However, to be more confident about studying chemical engineering, you must know what are the reasons for choosing this one major.

There are 6 main reasons to consider before deciding to apply to a Chemical Engineering major

1. Chemical engineers have a wide range of skills

A Chemical engineer has technical knowledge in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, engineering science, materials science, and information technology. They also have knowledge of economics, management, safety and the environment. Another ability possessed by Chemical engineers is to see a complete process, so that in general they have the ability to see problems comprehensively and are able to analyze to find solutions to these problems.

2. Chemical engineers have many interesting professions and careers to choose from

Chemical Engineers have many career opportunities, ranging from research, industrial and factory process design, working as operations engineer in the field, acting as environment engineers, becoming sales engineers to sell chemical products or occupying positions in company management.

3. The work of Chemical engineers is not only limited to the chemical industry

Chemical Engineers are employed in a variety of companies, both small and large, and are not necessarily associated with the chemical industry. Many Chemical Engineering graduates work in other industries, including management consulting and finance. Success in fields other than the chemical industry is because Chemical Engineering graduates generally have the ability to analyze problems and find solutions to problems.

4. Chemical engineers can make the world a better place

Many daily needs are closely related to the work of Chemical engineers, including in the energy industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, consumer goods, waste management units, and others. Therefore, Chemical engineers also have an important role in preventing and combating hunger, tackling disease, and developing alternative technologies to reduce pollution, acid rain, and the greenhouse effect. In addition, Chemical engineers can also play a role in improving the welfare of the community through counseling for small industries, especially to provide an overview of the application of appropriate technology that can improve the quality of the products produced and increase production efficiency.

5. The cool major

Chemical engineering major is one type of major that is considered cool. Of course, this major can only be entered by those who have the ability to think intelligently

6. Great salary opportunities

You have the opportunity to earn a large salary after graduating from the chemical engineering major. The career options open to chemical engineering graduates offer promising salary prospects.

Those were 6 reasons to choose a chemical engineering major that you need to know. You can use these reasons as a reference to convince you to choose a chemical engineering major. Hopefully this article is useful and can help you make a decision.

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