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How to inspire yourself to be better, to be more productive?

What do you do when you’re feeling down and unable to shake it?

Do you have any strategies for breaking out of those funks and regaining a sense of drive and purpose?

If so, keep up the good work (and leave a comment at the end of this post with your secrets).

If you’re like the majority of us, you may require a little extra assistance to get your mojo moving again.

Here are five ideas to get you started how to inspire yourself:

1. Focus on the Future

It’s easy to berate yourself if you dwell on the past or even your current problems or situation. Why not shift gears and look forward?

What can you do tomorrow to improve your situation if things aren’t going well today? When you shift your attention to the future, you begin to see the world of possibilities that await you. Possibilities can lead to positivity, and positivity can lead to hope, which can inspire and lift us up when we’re down.

But don’t fantasize about the future. Make a plan to bring the bright future you desire to fruition. That process of visioning, planning, and action always produces results.

It may not bring you your dream job right away, but it will get you on the right track if you start thinking about what is possible.

2. Learn Everything There Is to Know About It

There have been so many inspiring people who have written their stories and paved the way for the rest of us. And at some point, they became depressed and unable to see a way forward.

Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest leaders of our time, spent 27 years in prison, the majority of it on the notorious Robbin Island prison, until his release in 1990, following an international campaign against apartheid and his imprisonment.

If you read his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, you will learn about his lengthy prison sentence and the hardships he endured. But he never gave up hope for his and his people’s freedom.

That is truly inspiring. And there are thousands of books that tell similar stories of extraordinary courage and inner strength that can help you find what you need to move forward within yourself.

People who rose from the slums to become millionaires exist, as do women and men who were severely injured in accidents or wars and went on to become world-class athletes. Find a story that speaks to you and use their inspiration to motivate yourself.

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3. Find a Role Model

We used to look up to and even admire certain people who inspired us when we were kids. This could have included professional football players, as well as well-known musicians and actors.

But it also most likely included someone a little older than us who seemed to have things together. It could even have been one of our parents or an older brother or sister.

We paid close attention to what they did and mimicked their actions and behavior because we aspired to be just like them. Having a role model as an adult is similar, except for the hero worship. And it, too, has the potential to inspire us.

Find someone in your life, or perhaps at work, who appears to have everything you desire. Then inquire as to how they arrived at their current position.

They’ll probably be happy to talk about themselves for a few minutes, but don’t be surprised if they say they’ve been where you are at some point in their lives. Take their success story and use it as inspiration for your own.

4. Pretend as if

One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself is to begin acting as if you are already successful, popular, slimmer, or whatever you want to be. This time, self-inspiration may come from perspiration as you take actions that you hope will lead you to your desired destination.

Assume you want to improve your physical condition. You can begin with the motivation of better health and self-esteem. But acting as if you were already healthier, and a healthy person just goes to the gym naturally, might actually get you to the gym.

It’s a bit of a ninja mind trick, but it can work to provide that spark of inspiration, and when combined with perspiration, you have the recipe for success. Your self-esteem grows as you make better decisions.

When this occurs, you automatically take the actions that you are aware you should be taking. That is the power of self-inspiration.

5. Take a Break and Recharge Your Batteries

Sometimes a completely different approach is needed to inspire yourself. You could be tired and overwhelmed if you’re feeling down. Consider taking a weekend off for yourself.

Take the time off if you need to go away to make that happen. You deserve it. While you’re away or simply relaxing, you can reflect on your life — both the good and the bad. You can investigate what is working well and what needs to be improved.

During this respite, try to spend as much time alone as possible and listen to your inner voice. It could be telling you to slow down or change careers in order to repair your relationships.

Simply pay attention. You are not required to do anything. Sometimes the motivation to solve our problems or embark on a new adventure is already there, just waiting for us to notice it. You may already have the inspiration you require within you. All you need to do is let it go.

Self-inspiration allows you to grow and change. It can also simply get you through a difficult task. Regardless, it’s a valuable skill to possess. How do you inspire yourself?

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