4 Ways to Become More Productive in the Morning


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How to become more productive in the early morning?

If you wake up early, this post is not for you — you are blessed.

And some entrepreneurs have the luxury of sleeping in and working until midnight, when they’re fresh and alert.

However, some of us must see our children off to school before we can begin our day.

Or maybe we have to work from home during regular business hours.

So, what do you do in the morning when you’re groggy and uninspired?

1. Nutritional Supplements

Have you ever had a similar experience? You wake up feeling fine, you feel clear-headed in the shower, you make some coffee and a small breakfast and begin sipping and munching as you begin your work, and then you hit a kind of wall?

You’d fallen before the coffee could really pull you up. You notice your blood sugar dropping and begin to feel heavy and sluggish. It’s easy to blame this on the stress of starting a new job, but it could also be due to poor nutrition.

Plan on hitting a wall if you eat a muffin or something like bacon. The muffin provides a carbohydrate spike, while the meat provides lethargy due to a taxed digestive system. If you must have a muffin, try making (at night) muffins made from grains such as Teff, millet, buckwheat, etc. to avoid glycemic issues.

Apples and pears, which are high in fiber and low in glycemic index, can provide you with energy gradually rather than quickly. It’s critical to figure out what works for you. Stick with it, even if it’s a garden salad at 8 a.m.

2. Do Something Before Starting Work

This, of course, necessitates getting up early and scheduling time for a pre-work activity. However, rather than diving into work, doing something like exercising, meditating, or playing Words With Friends can be a good way to bring your brainwaves into focus.

Running or other workouts can be beneficial because they usually have a set time limit. Surfing the web, for example, can be a more addictive activity that can last for an hour or more.

Exercising, doing a quick round of cleaning, or preparing some food for that night’s dinner can help you distinguish between your pre-work and work days.

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3. Overcome Tiredness

Morning grogginess contains an inherent paradox. Your brain feels like a rock or wet driftwood, but it’s ready to work.

Fiction writers are frequently encouraged to write as soon as they wake up, because this is when their brains are closest to their dream state. Is there pure wisdom in the almost-drunk mind? Many people believe so, and one school of thought holds that just because it’s painful to think while sleeping doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t good.

In other words, if you do your best to push through the sleepiness, you can get a lot of work done, making excellent use of time that most people waste staring into space. You’ll be giving yourself an incredible psychological boost in addition to the productivity — the main goal.

4. Concentrate on the Important Stuff

To burn off the morning mental fog, do a bit of filing (digital or paper), a check of your bank account, a bit of arranging, etc. in the morning. If this works and productivity follows, that’s great. However, unlike a workout, these minor tasks do not invigorate the body and can make one feel drowsy.

Going on to tougher and meatier jobs right away is a good idea because you’ll be in the midst of the day’s monster project as you start to hit your stride energy-wise. This makes the rest of the morning — and the day — go much more smoothly.

We can’t all be morning people, but we can all try our hardest to find productive solutions to the problem. And who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy waking up while you’re getting more done. However, there are no guarantees!

Do you have any suggestions for becoming more productive in the morning? Please leave them in the comments!

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