Why are You Still Working at a Job You Hate?


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Do you hate your job?

You’re sick of the same schedule and low pay.

You’re sick of working your tail off only to have your boss take all of the credit.

You’re sick of pleading for days off. You’re tired of working while sick. You’re tired of having more work piled on you when you’re already overburdened.

I’m guessing you weren’t offered a raise when they told you you needed to take on more responsibility.

You’ve considered changing jobs or, better yet, starting your own business. Perhaps you want to be the one making the decisions and owning everything. You fantasize about taking a day, a week, or a month off whenever you want.

You imagine a future in which you will not have to worry about money. You long for the day when you will be able to say, “I made it.”

How long have you been thinking in this manner?

  • Weeks?
  • Months?
  • Years?

I know I was born and I know I’ll die, but the time in between is mine. “I am yours.”

Pearl Jam’s “I Am Mine”

What action have you taken?

What steps have you taken so far? Have you done anything? Sure, you spend every night on Google, looking up websites and information about “How to Find the Next Big Idea” or “How do I Find My Passion.” You say it’s a start!

On the other hand, there are those who are at the proverbial water’s edge, so to speak — all ready to go but unable to make the leap.

They conducted market research. They’ve decided how they’re going to incorporate their company. They’ve decided on a company name, logo, and domain name.

They have created a business plan. Everything is in motion, but then it comes to a halt. Why?

Please hold your breath………………………. FEAR!

You’re Afraid Now

Don’t get it twisted. You may not be afraid consciously, but make no mistake: you are scared subconsciously.

  • What if I don’t succeed?
  • What if I go bankrupt?
  • What do my wife, parents, and friends think?
  • How will I introduce myself at social gatherings?

Now for the good news. You are not to blame!

Consider a baby developing in the womb. It’s comfortable and safe. Its mother protects it from harm. It is given the foods and nutrients it requires to grow. All of its requirements have been met.

Consider a baby who has just been born. IT’S A HASSLE!

The birth has traumatized it. It is born into a world with too much noise and too much light. It’s cold and hungry outside.

It is no longer possible to feed it automatically through the umbilical cord. It is no longer protected by the womb within its mother’s uterus. It is literally separated from its mother. The baby believes it is alone.

The baby is now dependent on others for survival. They must rely on their parents or other adults to feed, shelter, and clothe them. They must rely on their parents or other adults to keep predators at bay and disease at bay.

This is where every human being’s fear begins — at birth. You are born fearful. You require someone to look after you.

Original Panic

Spend all of your time hoping for a second chance, for a break that will make everything better.”

Sarah McLaughlin’s Angel

This initial fear serves as the foundation for all of our fears. It’s why you wake up every day dreading going to the hellhole you call work, but you refuse to quit.

It’s why you keep doing the same thing every day, hoping that something will change. Perhaps this time will be different. It will not.

Consider how you arrived at your current location. Did you notice a pattern here?

Preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, and high school are all options. You were assigned to these institutions. You were told who your teachers would be, what you would learn, when you could use the restroom, eat, play, and when you could leave.

Others made all of these decisions for you. You had no idea because it was literally what everyone else was doing. So you worked hard until you graduated from high school.

What happens next?

I’m sure you were given only two options: go to college or get a job. When you think about it, there is really only one option because the only reason MOST (not all) of us go to college is because we believe it will lead to a better paying job. So, in essence, the options are:

  • Get a job right away, or
  • Get a job in four to six years.

So it’s essentially the same decision, with the only difference being when you decide to enter the labor force.

What motivates you to work?

Why do we even need a job now? Some say it’s because we need money for a house and cars, to pay off student loans, to buy food, to save for retirement, and so on. They are correct, but they are also incorrect.

The truth is that we rely on others to look after us. The same way we did when we were born.

A modern corporation looks after you by providing you with:

  • A paycheck
  • Health coverage
  • Pension benefits
  • Vacation time
  • Sick leave
  • Paid time off

All of this is intended to entice you to work there. In exchange, you repeat what you did in school. You follow the decisions of others.

After all of those years of school, you are told when you can arrive, when you can eat, who you can talk to, what you can wear, who you can date, when your absence is “excused,” what you can work on, and when you can leave. You get to contribute to the wealth of others. Doesn’t that make you feel great on the inside?!?

The ‘Real World’ has evolved into a new reality

We try to justify everything by claiming that this is “the real world.” These are the sacrifices we must make in order to obtain what we desire. Furthermore, everyone does it, so what’s the big deal?

But did you know that this “reality” has only been around for about 70 years? The “real world,” as we are told, is only about 70 years old, give or take a decade, out of the thousands upon thousands of years humanity has roamed the Earth.

We didn’t go to college or even school for the majority of human history. We didn’t work for businesses. We didn’t have flat-screen TVs, smartphones, or self-driving cars back then.

We didn’t have to worry about retirement, mortgages, cable TV or cell phone bills. WE DID NOT HAVE ANY BILLS. We lacked all of these items.

We built simple houses and lived in simple ways. We foraged for our own food and made our own clothes. We constructed our own homes and tools.

We banded together to assist others in our respective tribes. We banded together to combat predators and enemies. We still needed others to survive, but on a much smaller and simpler scale.

Did the Ancients Discover Their Passion?

Do you believe that a person living in, say, Rome in the second century would have been overcome with angst because they didn’t know how to find their passion? “When am I going to eat again?” was probably the more pressing concern.

That is the beauty of everything we have right now. For the most part, we don’t have to worry about where our next meal will come from or whether we’ll have enough clothes to keep warm.

Some of us have the luxury of even thinking about or worrying about “finding our passion.” You can be passionate about a variety of topics. Complete them all!

We no longer have to rely on corporations to look after us. All of today’s technological innovations have made it possible to do things that previously required permission. There are no longer only two options: college or a job. You no longer need permission from large corporations to do things.

Take charge of your life

Time to change has passed, and your fears have become your god. It’s entirely up to you.”

Alice in Chains’ “Your Decision”

Here’s a list of things you can do now that you used to need permission from a large corporation to do. You may:

  • Make your own books.
  • Make your own movies.
  • Make a podcast.
  • Make your own YouTube channel and you’ll have the equivalent of a weekly television show.
  • Make and distribute your own music.
  • Create your own websites.
  • Make your own online classes.
  • Learn how to program.
  • Introduce a new skill.
  • Create a business — drop shipping, subscription businesses, consulting, product businesses, and information products are all options.
  • Make a living as a freelance writer, editor, or web designer.

Discover Your Inspiration

You can make BILLIONS of dollars by creating websites where you don’t own a single thing. These are referred to as platforms. You’ve probably heard of a few:

  • Facebook
  • Alibaba
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • AirBnB
  • Craigslist

These businesses do not own anything. Take, for example, Uber. You own the car and do all of the work; Uber simply provides you with the opportunity to find a customer.

You own the room or house and are responsible for keeping it clean and looking nice, but AirBnB allows you to find a customer. YouTube allows you to upload videos or watch videos uploaded by others.

Facebook is simply a place where people gather and share stories about their own lives. Work can be hired and outsourced through websites such as Fiverr, Elance, Freelancer, and Get Friday.

You can find someone who can build or create almost anything you can think of. For Pete’s sake, the technology exists to 3D print a prosthetic limb!

Allow yourself to fail. Take a risk. Invest in a coach. Keep your day job and start a side business.

Attend acting classes. Give a class. Learn a new language. Learn how to program. Finish that book!

There has never been a more important time to take charge of your own life. You no longer require the assistance of others.

The fear you were born with does not have to hold you back anymore. Take responsibility for yourself and your future. Don’t be afraid!

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