Making Your Passion Number One Priority

Making Your Passion Number One Priority

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Many of us have jobs that aren’t exactly terrible, but they’re also not our dream jobs. We may have our own hidden goal or ambition, but we set it aside for the sake of a consistent paycheck, benefits, and a sense of reasonable security.

However, the more we ignore that persistent little tug pointing us in a different direction, the stronger it becomes. You’ll eventually have to make a decision: continue on your current path, or consider pursuing that long-suppressed goal that’s never completely gone away. But, seriously? There’s no reason you can’t do both—at least at first. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start your own landscaping company. Perhaps you’ve been in finance for a decade but have always wanted to be a pastry chef. Or perhaps you’ve always dabbled in art and want to make it a serious hobby by selling some of your works. Take a chance. You may not be ready (financially or otherwise) to dive right in and pursue your passion full-time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. It takes time to develop new interests, especially if you intend to start a business. Building a customer base, marketing efforts, and, of course, profit take time.

Your true passion can provide a sense of peace and fulfillment that your day job may not provide. Many of my fellow bloggers discuss how to strike a good work/life balance or how to make the most of your free time. Relaxing and unwinding are important, but so is making time for the activities that truly bring you joy, whether it’s a serious hobby, a side business, or taking the first steps toward a career change (i.e. going back to college or some other kind of re-training).

Consider why you’re bored at work or feeling uninspired in general. It might be a good time to dust off those old ambitions and see if you still have the same passions as before. If you do, don’t put it off any longer—what do you have to lose?

If necessary, begin slowly. Here are some ideas for incorporating your true passions into your daily routine:

Give yourself permission to do what you want

One of the first things you must do is persuade yourself that you are deserving of something special. It’s so easy to become engrossed in all of the demands on our time—work, family, volunteering, friends, and so on. But where do we belong? When is it acceptable to simply do what we want? When was the last time you made time to work in your garden or bake those delicious cakes that all of your friends raved about? You may dismiss your pursuits as “silly” or a waste of time, but if it truly makes you happy (and has the potential to be lucrative), what makes it a waste of time?

Make time for it

Once you’ve admitted that you’ve wanted to try clowning for years and would love to perform at kids’ birthday parties, the next step is to take action. What can you reduce (or eliminate) from your current schedule so you can devote more time to juggling and balloon animal creation?

Conduct some research

Determine what you require to make your venture a reality. Get online and start reading. Speak with the experts. Get quotes for everything you’ll need, including supplies, equipment, office space, and employees. Determine how long it will take to get this type of venture off the ground. Will you require any special training or education? Before investing a significant amount of time or money, conduct extensive research.

Take your search seriously

This is related to giving yourself permission to do what you want. Others will follow your lead and take your venture seriously if you take it seriously. It will take some time for your friends and family to stop thinking of you as an accountant and start thinking of you as a web designer, but keep bringing it up to them and they’ll come around. Of course, abandoning them completely to focus solely on your new venture may not go over well, but finding an effective work/life balance is critical.

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Please spread the word

It’s marketing time! Even if you intend to continue working full-time as an accountant and keep your web design business under wraps, you must begin putting your name out there so that potential clients can find you. Print some business cards and create a website. You’re taking your painting hobby to the next level by looking for commission work? Begin entering art shows or contacting galleries to inquire about exhibiting your work.

And finally…

Include your spouse in your decision-making process, especially if you intend to invest a significant amount of money in your project. If you’re going to change up your routine, they need to know what to expect.

So, how about you? Is your true calling a serious hobby or a side hustle? How do you work it into your daily routine?





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