How to Get Promoted Without Putting in More Work

How to Get Promoted Without Putting in More Work

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How to Get Promoted Without Putting in More Work?

This isn’t a quick-rich scheme. There is no deception or trickery involved. Believe it or not, most promotions and raises are based on perceived competence—the key word being perceived. These pointers are not intended to conceal incompetence (if that’s your issue, you’ll need a whole different article!). These are here to help you show your boss and coworkers how capable you are while also preventing you from accidentally convincing them that you aren’t.

Speak Well

It makes no difference how brilliant your words are; if you mumble and use slang, your listeners will value what you say far less than if you speak clearly and confidently. Choose any great speech in history and imagine it in mumbled slang to see what I mean: “Umm… you know, I have a dream or something.” That, uh… maybe this country will…”

Quick tips for speaking more effectively:

  • Use your diaphragm to speak. Breathe from your belly button and push your speech out from there.
  • Remove any unnecessary words such as “uh,” “er,” “like,” and “like.”
  • Slang should be avoided.
  • Don’t curse.

Dress Professionally

You’ve most likely heard the expression “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It’s cliche, but it works perfectly. This does not imply that you must wear a three-piece suit to do data entry, but it does imply that you should dress professionally. You may be able to get away with wearing a polo shirt to work, but a button-up shirt will command more respect. Wearing what you can “get away with” gives the impression that you only do what you have to at work. Making the extra effort to dress nicer than necessary implies that you’re willing to go the extra mile at work.

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Be Extremely Punctual

People notice and judge you if you are late, so being on time is a no-brainer, but if you want to be noticed, arrive 15 minutes early for work every day. You don’t have to start working right away; in fact, you can use that time to have a cup of coffee or surf the internet quietly. Simply being present makes you look good, and your boss will notice.

Excellent Posture

Good posture and effective communication go hand in hand. You simply look bad if you are constantly slouching or hunched over. You will appear dynamic and confident if you stand straight and confident. There’s a reason why slouchy photos of CEOs, great political leaders, or super heroes are never seen. It’s because you wouldn’t regard them as highly.

Try a technique called “The Woodcutter” by my chiropractor to improve your posture. Begin by placing your feet shoulder width apart. Then, as if you were about to chop wood, raise your arms straight above your head. Lower your arms to your sides while keeping your body in the same position. Your shoulders should be relaxed, your chest forward, your head tall as if being pulled from above by a string, and your pelvis rotated slightly forward. Give it a shot. You’ll feel and look better as a result.

Not problems, but solutions

When most people encounter a problem at work, they complain about it. The best way to stand out is to present a solution rather than a problem. Consider the following scenario: your office storeroom is overcrowded, and no one can ever find what they need. This is a problem that everyone in your office is complaining about. Instead of simply complaining, you should take two minutes to consider how it can be fixed.

When everyone else is telling your boss that “the stock room is a disaster,” you go to him and say, “I noticed that the stock room is pretty disorganized.” Perhaps we can persuade the maintenance man to install shallower shelves. This would give us more room to move around and keep things from getting buried behind other items. Once the new shelves are installed, we will be able to label each shelf so that our supplies are consistently placed in the same location, making them easier to find.”

You look good in the situation above for being a creative thinker and problem solver, and even better: you didn’t have to do any extra work. You simply had to approach it from a different perspective.


That’s it: five quick and easy ways to appear smarter, more competent, and ready for a promotion without actually working any harder. There will be no overtime or additional stress. Here’s your challenge: try these for a month. If no one compliments you on your excellent work, I’ll refund your admission fee to this blog.


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