7 Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Team Meeting


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7 Tips for conducting virtual team meeting

Remote team meetings have become the new standard for keeping the out-of-office workplace engaged and productive.

In fact, this is now the only way to keep the workflow running.

However, one of the most common challenges that many employees face is figuring out how to effectively manage remote meetings and communicate with everyone.

Here are some pointers to make your remote meetings as efficient and effective as any face-to-face meeting.

1. Share the agenda in advance

The first rule of running a successful meeting is to provide participants with a detailed agenda.

Whether the meeting’s purpose is to brainstorm, pitch a new idea, or share a project update, setting the context ahead of time helps attendees prepare for the meeting and demonstrate their active participation.

It also saves time during the meeting because everyone is focused on the meeting’s goal.

2. Set a specific time and location

The second rule is to set a specific time and location to avoid last-minute complications.

Keep it clear whether you want to do video conferencing on Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts so that attendees can plan accordingly.

Encourage people to confirm their availability for the shared schedule so that no one misses the meeting.

3. Send an invitation to the right people

The third rule of conducting a successful remote meeting is to invite only those who are actively needed in the conversation.

More people means more video connection problems, a noisy background, distractions, or people who are disengaged.

Adding only the people who are necessary for the remote discussion improves the overall meeting quality.

4. Make the conversation interesting

Long meetings in which everyone just sits and listens to each other are less engaging.

Screen sharing while you talk makes the entire conversion more engaging and effective.

Make it interesting by soliciting opinions from others, providing feedback, and encouraging interactive discussions.

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5. Remind participants to mute/unmute

Distractions such as background noises are a common problem for everyone who works from home.

To maintain the smooth flow of the meeting, encourage attendees to mute and unmute themselves when not speaking.

6. Delegate authority

Assign some responsibilities, such as taking meeting minutes for follow-ups, to keep everyone engaged.

Encourage others to share their follow-up tasks at the meeting’s conclusion.

This is an effective method for keeping everyone engaged and productive during virtual meetings.

7. In a casual conversation, close

Before concluding the meeting, a few minutes of friendly conversation asking about any other challenges they face while working remotely, any new suggestions, or casual questions is a good practice for building relationships with other team members and strengthening the work culture.


The most difficult aspect of conducting virtual team meeting is keeping employees interested and engaged. Using these simple tips will undoubtedly help you.

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