6 Advantages of Using Humor at Work


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Some people believe that having fun and a sense of humor at work is inappropriate because work is a serious business.

What is our advice to them? Lighten Up.

There’s a reason Google has a massive waterslide on its main campus, and many businesses have ping pong tables, video games, or free popcorn to eat while watching movies on the big screen at work.

It’s because the executives at these well-known companies have discovered that employees who work hard also like to play hard.

Aside from being entertaining, humor is also beneficial at work. Here are six of the reasons why.

1. Humor alleviates stress

Workplaces that promote humor frequently promote employee creativity and improve communications. This results in improved employee wellness, which reduces stress and burnout.

An organization that encourages levity and demonstrates that it does not take itself too seriously not only ensures better employee relations and teamwork, but it also eliminates fear, which is one of the most significant stressors at work and in society.

2. Humor boosts productivity

Better collaboration among employees and teams almost always improves productivity, and humor allows employees to challenge and change old habits and obsolete procedures.

It can help to foster a culture in which we laugh at our mistakes and learn from them rather than yelling at one another, and it gives employees a sense of control over their workplace. They work harder, faster, and more productively when they feel more at ease and secure.

3. Humor Benefits Physical Health

Humor improves our physical health by releasing toxins and stress simply by relaxing. It is impossible to be stressed while laughing, just as it is impossible to speak and listen at the same time.

Laughter also boosts immune cells and increases resistance to disease. It causes the release of endorphins, which improves your mood and can even relieve pain. Finally, it has been demonstrated that laughter and humor increase blood flow, which aids in the prevention of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Humor improves Mental Health

Not only can humor improve your physical health, but it can also improve your mental and emotional well-being. Because you can’t really feel two strong and opposing emotions at the same time, humor does this by dissipating negative or distressing emotions.

It’s difficult to stay sad or angry when someone or something makes you laugh. It also allows you to shift your perspective so that you don’t feel as overwhelmed as you once did, and it provides you with new energy to fight through or fight back.

5. Workplace Humor Can Help You Succeed

Many experts believe that a sense of humor is essential for professional success. According to a Robert Half International survey, 91% of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement, and 84% believe that people with a good sense of humor do a better job.

They also cite another Bell Leadership Institute study, which discovered that the two most desirable traits in leaders were a strong work ethic and a good sense of humor. Let’s be honest: who would you rather have as a boss: someone who is strict and grumpy, or someone who can find humor in even your most heinous mistakes?

6. Humor Makes It Easier to Work With You

Even among coworkers, it is unquestionably easier to get along with someone who has a sense of humor. This is because using humor often puts the other person at ease and makes them more comfortable working with you.

It can relieve tension in a stressful situation and even lead to better team solutions and synergies by allowing new ideas to enter.

Humor can also aid in the development of trust among coworkers. According to studies, people with a sense of humor are perceived as more likeable and trustworthy by their peers.

Humor can be a useful tool in the workplace, but only if it is practiced and used frequently. To be successful, workplace humor should be tasteful and non-discriminatory. Never cross the invisible line between being a fool and being a funny gal or guy.

You can, however, ignore humor and having fun at work if you wish. You could be like the people in the late comedian George Carlin‘s quote. “Oh, you despise your job?” Why didn’t you say something? There is a helpline for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they all get together at the bar.”

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