5 Money-Saving Strategies for Freelance Travelers


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Do you want to reduce your travel expenses as a freelance traveler?

The biggest advantage of being your own boss is not being a cog in the machine.

The only time this is a disadvantage is when traveling.

When you go on a short overnight trip, that machine frequently pays for your travel expenses.

You’ll have to go it alone as a freelancer, but there are ways to save money and make the process as easy as possible.

After all, one of the benefits of striking out on your own was the satisfaction of figuring out creative ways to make things work for you. Here are some very creative ways to use the hotel system while keeping your money in your pocket.

1. Find the Lowest Prices

This is the essence of the information age: Here’s a great example of how knowledge can be used to your advantage. BetterBidding.com and similar websites allow you to find actual prices paid by recent guests at hotels and motels.

This entails, of course, calling the hotels these individuals have chosen and inquiring as to how to obtain the lowest prices, if they are not standard.

2. Last-Minute Reservations

Hotel prices have a lot more wiggle room than most people realize. In that sense, it’s similar to flying. As reservations are canceled and prices fall, you can save money.

Apps such as HotelTonight show you available rooms at a set time each day, say 11 a.m. or noon. You then book your low rate, and despite the fact that you’re booking on the same day, you can book the room for as many nights as you want.

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3. Avoid Big Chain Stores

When you visit some of the most popular travel websites, you will find hotels that can afford to list on them and pay commissions. It is critical to look beyond these to smaller hotels, which frequently charge lower rates.

Some of them can be found on websites such as TripAdvisor. Instead of booking on the Internet, contact the hotel directly. If you have the opportunity to speak with a manager, request a discount.

4. Reward Schemes

I’m addressing you, credit card holders. Many credit cards offer reward points simply for spending.

Check with yours to see if it’s included, and then look for any rewards programs you can find. Many do not necessitate an initial stay.

5. Think Outside the Box

What exactly is a hotel? Is there a place along your route where you can spend the night? Almost every industry is expanding these days, and lodging is no exception.

Hotels are taking on new forms, such as pop-up restaurants, deliveries made by freelancing college students on bikes, and coffee mugs crafted from 3D printers.

Nowadays, ordinary people rent out rooms for the night or a place to stay while they are away in a time-share arrangement. Websites such as airbnb.com can assist you in setting up lodge and lodger, and in many cases, your rates will be lower than those of traditional hotels.

This is often due to the low overhead, and in some cases, people are attempting to make a statement by offering their accommodations at very low rates.

If you want to reduce your travel expenses, you have many options. It just takes the ingenuity that has made you a freelancer in the first place.

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